Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Happy American Independence Day!!!

In honor of this wonderful occasion, a patriotic, red, white, and blue layout!
This is Samantha at 5 months old - in 2006. We participate with our church in the local parade. Since I've had kids, I mostly stay on the float and wave :) She was so cute with her little outfit and flag!

So, what are your plans for the holiday? We'll be in the parade again and then it's BBQ time! I hope the weather is nice so we can do lots of playing!

I used the new Danielle Young Let it Ring papers and alpha. They are now on sale for buy one, get one free!

I hope you like it!



Sandra said...

Wow, very funky layout your've crafted here, Jessica!

It's been the 4th of July for 7.5 hours here already in our part of the world - where time starts/the first place to see the new day; so here's wishing you and your fellow Americans a happy Indepence Day. Enjoy!

Sandra said...

Oops, sorry about the typo!


Stephanie said...

Great layout. Cute baby. =)

Stephanie said...

love the patriotic layout!! YEAH and she's adorable .. great work! ;)
have a safe, fun and blasting holiday :)
with a grin,

The Traveller said...

Hi Jessica, Very nice layout!!! Just dropping by to wish you a great 4th July. Enjoy!!!!

Helen Tilbury said...

I love it! Such a cute little girl - and still just as cute 3 years later! Thanks for popping by my blog & your long comment ;-D You sure have a lot going on...I am also up to my eyeballs in all types of work - designing for a local store & kids on holiday & all the housework & laundry that goes with it...just had an operation & now have flu so I am so out of my blog reading too...LSOS blog is a problem for me to load to aswell - I've given up too & asked Tanya to load as she used to so I am e mailing them to her rather these days but it sometimes takes her a week to load them!

Stephanie said...

just stoppin' by to see what your up to! :)
with a grin,