Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today I Feel Loved

Some days you just need a little extra attention ... and Andrew (my youngest) recently had one of those days. He wanted to be held (which is not uncommon at all) a lot. So I held him. We watched Kevin's softball game together and afterward he got a big hug and kiss from a very sweaty Daddy.

I know these days of cuddles and hugs will soon be over, so I'm enjoying it even though my back sometimes complains.

I used a quickpage from Sue Cummings (Simply Quick #33) and just added a little journaling details.

I hope you like it!


Monday, August 22, 2011


My kids thought of this awesome (to them) game to play at the park. Throw small pebbles and stones down the slide and then race down after them. They giggled every single time and for so long ... I didn't have the heart to discourage the activity.
Here I used A+ Design's kit, Sweet American Pie. I have this idea in my mind that I'll be able to go back and use the same kit to scrap pics of the other kids at the park that day ... but this is the story I wanted to tell for now and I love how it came out!

I hope you like it!


Monday, August 15, 2011

The Pathway to Love

I saw this awesome template in this month's Digi Files and wanted to use it right away. What really drew me was the arrow and the heart they used. It looked like fun and like it told the story of a romance. I had already figured out my title ... now to find a picture! I searched through lots and found a ton of pictures I could have used and stories I could have told. I settled on this one of my brother and his wife back when they were engaged:

I used Sue Cumming's new kit, Black & White, and an alpha from A+ Designs.

Because I had taken so many photos that day of the two of them, I decided to create a coordinating collage of the rest of the photo shoot. Now I have all the photos of them on two pages ... (I really need to create more collages and just get my photos off my computer!)

Here's the result:

It's a little more styled and patterned that I originally thought and I stuck with the black and white theme. I like it ...

I hope you do!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It was my son's 7th birthday recently. I made this layout to celebrate him. We do a lot of silly face photoshoots because that is what he gives me :) I don't always scrap them, but this time, I just had to!

I think the orange from his shirt is the main color element and the blue is the main accent. The bright colors from A+Design's Bahama Mama kit give it a fun feeling :)

I hope you like it!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Black & White - Classic & Beautiful

Do you like Black and White? I do! In fact, I used to try and change all my photos to black and white to hide poor camera quality or mismatched outfits. Then, I started to embrace color and recently I've been very color oriented. I'm so glad that Sue Cummings came out with her new Black and White kit to remind me of my old love and try it again.

This photo of my sisters was beautiful. We were all wearing our gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and the one who wasn't didn't clash. I was actually hesitant to use it with this kit because I love the color of the dress so much. However, I'm very happy with the result. Now the focus is on us and not on our dresses or the colorful fall foliage behind us.
I also love the word art included in the kit. It is all black and white themed, but this one fit both the layout and the subject matter - classic & beautiful! Love it :) I hid my journaling in the lower right hand corner beneath the fold (template from Kitty Designs) in the text wordart as well as a little butterfly ...

I hope you like it!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Summertime Memories

We had a conversation in the car (the kids and I) that I just had to record!

Here is the layout I created:

The journaling reads, "Justin & Samantha - July 2010 - J: When I get my own car, I want green headlights. S: I want a purple car with pink headlights. J: I want my headlights to be smart so that when they see an animal in the road, they'll be like, 'Hey! Squirrel!' I want to be a green lantern police man. To be a GLPM it means that you like green, you wear green, you have green and you drive green. S: I want the same thing but in pink. Justin, do you want a green steering wheel? J: Yes, but it will be in the middle."

It was just too cute! I know you can't capture the tone of voice and inflection with written words, but I hope to remember it anyway ...

I use Danielle Young's new kit, Citrus Summer, and a template from Kitty Designs.

I hope you like it!