Monday, August 1, 2011

Summertime Memories

We had a conversation in the car (the kids and I) that I just had to record!

Here is the layout I created:

The journaling reads, "Justin & Samantha - July 2010 - J: When I get my own car, I want green headlights. S: I want a purple car with pink headlights. J: I want my headlights to be smart so that when they see an animal in the road, they'll be like, 'Hey! Squirrel!' I want to be a green lantern police man. To be a GLPM it means that you like green, you wear green, you have green and you drive green. S: I want the same thing but in pink. Justin, do you want a green steering wheel? J: Yes, but it will be in the middle."

It was just too cute! I know you can't capture the tone of voice and inflection with written words, but I hope to remember it anyway ...

I use Danielle Young's new kit, Citrus Summer, and a template from Kitty Designs.

I hope you like it!


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