Friday, February 24, 2012

Gearhead & 100% Boy

You may have noticed my last post, but here they are again - my fabulous boys! The latest kit from Wendy Tunison, He Wore Blue Jeans, is perfect for scrapping those male-themed things in your life (and maybe even a few girly things).  I did one layout for each of my sons:

My youngest, Andrew, is just a pure boy.  He is rough and tumble, down and dirty, up for anything and full of life!  I absolutely adore him and can't wait to see him develop even more of his personality!
For this layout, I followed the instructions of the SNP speed scrap #41.  I also used a mask from Anna Aspnes.

This is my oldest son, Justin.  He's always had putting things together, taking them apart, figuring out how they work and making new things.  The is amazing and I love how his brain works :)
I made this layout using the template from the Template Challenge at SNP and adjusted it as needed.  I also made sure to include the card element because Justin loves to play cards!
Click here to download

I hope you like them!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

He Wore Blue Jeans * FREEBIE

You asked for it and now here it is!  When Wendy made She Wore Blue Jeans, so many of you asked her to make an add-on for the boys in your lives.  I'm so excited to show you this awesome masculine kit called He Wore Blue Jeans!  Of course, it's a full size kit because an add-on just wouldn't do!

Inside you'll find 135 Unique Ellies, a Full Alpha and 30 Unique Papers to delight you!  This kit has been quality checked and is ready for you to create with.  It's also on sale for 30% off for the first
week at SNP!

And Wendy is even putting She Wore Blue Jeans on sale for 50% off for the first week as well!  Whoot!
Take a look at what our amazing CT did with this kit...
Alli 1
Amy 1
Amy 2
Dana 2
Denise 1
Denise 2
Glenda 1
Glenda 2
Jessica 1
Jessica 2
Kandi 1
Kandi 2
Kristal 1
Lahni 1
Lahni 2
Sharon 1
Shawna 1
Sheri 1
Sheri 2
Sheri 3
Wendy 1

I also have a little freebie for you!

Click here to download

Here's a peek at what Wendy will be having on sale during the Super Saturday Sale this weekend...
Wt_8src&sbundle_snp Wt_ah_snp
Check back on Wendy's blog tomorrow to pick up the rest of the awesome goodies our CT has made for you this week!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Love You

I created two layouts using Wendy Tunison's latest kit, Love Comes Softly.

This first one was for a speed scrap over at SNP.  I enjoyed using a cutout ... and the pictures are of the three kids sitting together on the couch.  I think I interrupted some TV watching, but they still smiled beautifully and really got in to it.  They were wrestling in my last few pics ... it's what I get for saying, "Give them a hug."

This next one is using a template from Kitty Designs.  The pictures are of my hubbie and me on my parents couch the winter before we were married.  The quality of our digital camera in those days was so lame that the size of those pictures is the actually picture resolution they imported in.  I still like this use of them so that I can remember such wonderful old memories (well, not THAT old...)

And, in case you missed it in my previous post, here is the FREEBIE I did from Wendy Tunison's kit, Love Comes Softly.
click HERE to download

I hope you like it!


Smile * Enchanted Forest

A+ Designs' latest kit, Enchanted Forest, was a lot of fun to work with.  I loved the bright colors!  I decided to use it for the Twisted Pixels Challenge over at Gotta Pixel.  I love a layered paper background and there was a wonderful template to work with :)  Here's what I came up with:

My daughter giving me a few smiles in July 2010.  In the faded picture, she had just woken up, but still smiled for me :)  I love her!

I hope you like it!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Softly * FREEBIE

I'm so excited to show you Love Softly by Wendy Tunison Designs!  Inside you'll find 79 Unique Ellies and 24 Unique Papers to delight you!  
It's even on sale for 30% off this week only!  Of course, there may be an awesome coupon in this week's newsletter making it even less (you can sign up for the newsletter at Wendy's Blog)!
Just check out what our CT did with this kit.
Alli 1
Alli 2
Amy 1
Dana 1
Dennise 1
Dennise 2
Glenda 1
Glenda 2
Jessica 1
Kandi 1
Kandi 2
Kristal 1
Kristal 2
Lahni 1
Lahni 2
Sharon 1
Shawna 1
Shawna 2
Sheri 1
I have a little freebie for you today as well. 
Don't forget to check back tomorrow at Wendy's blog for some awesome freebies from our CT!  Oh and there may be 4 matching alphas in the newsletter this week.  ;)  So pick up Love Comes Softly today!
Have a great day!