Saturday, December 4, 2010

Printing Digital Layouts

I have a different kind of post for today. As you have probably noticed, I do a lot of digital scrapbook layouts. They sit on my computer for a while and then every few months I get them all printed. I've tried out quite a few photo printing sites in my day. No, I haven't tried them all, but sometimes it feels like it.

Anyway, it was time for another round of printing. I've been waiting for a while and I finally got a coupon in my email for a discount and I placed an order! I've also been hearing so many wonderful things about Persnickity Prints that I decided to try them out.

And I was blown away! I mean really speechless and almost breathless. They were wonderful! So well printed. So beautiful. Worth every extra penny!

The things that bother me about printing out my photos (printing out darker than the original and cutting off the border) are the things that they said they were better at. They were a bit more expensive, but I still tried them out for about half of my layouts. So, I got my package of 36 prints in the mail yesterday ...

And just for comparison, I pulled out some layouts from my last printing:
And maybe you can't tell, but they are noticably darker. The tell-tale sign is in the shadows - especially around people's hair and faces. It gets very dark and loses any definition. It's always bugged me so much. And now it's fixed! Like I said, worth every penny!


So, taking advantage of my excitement, I spent a few hours last night putting my layouts in page protectors and inserting them in the right places in my albums. I don't scrap my photos chronologically, but I do put them in my album that way. I also insert my normal, paper scrapbook pages along with my digital ones. Every time I go through my photos, I'm always surprised at what I've actually scrapped and which ones are great and should be scrapped, but haven't, yet. Someday ... hopefully soon :)

I had these two black embossed-leather albums from Making Memories already. However, I decided it was time to actually put a label in the label holders and front windows. I'm so happy that I was feeling energized and inspired. I just whipped up a quick label on my computer (kind of like a mini-digi-layout - with A+ Designs Sweet Serenity products) and printed it off on photo paper.

Cut them out, insert them and I was done! I had a printed rose on one and chose to put some Prima flowers on the 2010 album. Love it! And it's done! Oh, the sense of accomplishment is wonderful!


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