Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Photographer

I am now a professional photographer! Well, I got paid for doing one event ... I guess that counts :)

After doing a special photoshoot and gift album for my uncle and aunt, they recommended me to a friend who was getting married. They were keeping costs down and were looking for anyone with decent camera skills ... that means I qualified!

I was very thankful for the opportunity and it was an amazing experience. I love meeting these wonderful people with an amazing story. I loved having a peek into their lives and sharing this special moment with them.

It was a very rewarding experience.

I don't have a ridiculously fancy camera. I only have two lenses. I don't have a tripod. I don't have a fancy flash ... but I am happy with how the photos turned out and it's really nice to have this under my belt. Now I will do an even better job next time!

I will say ... I think I seriously under-valued my work. That's another lesson ... everything takes longer than you think - and you are worth the money! There was the meetings ahead of time to discuss what they wanted. There was the rehearsal (3 hours) the day of the wedding (7 hours), the time spent going through the 1,600 photos and sorting (2 hours). And for the 385 photos I narrowed it down to, a full color correction and cropping ... 1 - 10 minutes each ... with about 10 getting some really important attention. The church they were married them has a ton of history and is very important to them. I edited some really great shots of the outside and spent a lot of time removing telephone wires and adding blue skies. I did it for three different angles. It took a couple hours, but the results are fabulous!

And ... I absolutely love this shot:

Their grandaughter was sooooo adorable!

It's official! You can give me your money anytime :)


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