Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Simplicity * FREEBIE

Wendy Tunison kind of had this fun idea that she wanted to create a black and white kit with 1 pop of color. But then she had issues. Serious issues! LOL! She couldn't decide which color she wanted to pop with it. So she started with one and then she decided that maybe she wanted two. Then the kit was HUGE! So she decided to stick with her original idea of a black & white kit. And she decided to make some add ons in different colors to go with it! This week she only made two colors to go with it but she has big plans to make more colorful add ons in the future so that you'll have some serious variety to play with! Are you ready to see it? It's huge! There are 108 ellies (no repeats and no recolors as always!) and 15 papers in this kit! It's awesome!


She also made a set of tags to go with it so that you could use them to create titles, dates and everything in between! Thanks to Kandi (on our CT), you get 31 numbers too so that you can use it for P365 or P52! Whoot!


Isn't that exciting?! I know I'm excited and after playing with these kits, I'm even more excited about them! I can't wait for her to make more colors to go with them! But for now, here's two of the colorful add ons for this kit.



Do you know what's even better? They are all on sale until Monday for 50% off! Oh yeah! So grab these up while they're on sale and be on the lookout for even more colors coming soon!

Do you want to see what our super amazingly awesome creative team did with these kits this week? You're going to die! Everyone is so talented!


Alli (1)

Alli (2)

Alli (3)

Alli (4)

Alli (5)

Alli (free)


Amy (1)

Amy (2)

Amy (3)

Amy (free)


Andrea (1)

Andrea (2)

Andrea (3)

Andrea (free)


Bekki (1)

Bekki (2)

Bekki (3)

Bekki (4)


Dana (1)

Dana (2)

Dana (free)


Dennise (1)

Dennise (2)

Dennise (3)

Dennise (4)

Dennise (free)


Glenda (1)

Glenda (2)

Glenda (3)

Glenda (4)

Glenda (free)


Jessica (1)

Jessica (2)

Jessica (3)

Jessica (free)


Kandi (1)

Kandi (2)

Kandi (3)

Kandi (free)


Kristal (1)

Kristal (2)

Kristal (3)

Kristal (free)


Lahni (1)

Lahni (2)

Lahni (3)

Lahni (4)

Lahni (free)


Meagan (1)

Meagan (2)

Meagan (3)

Meagan (free)


Shawna (1)

Shawna (2)

Shawna (3)

Shawna (free)


Sheri (1)

Sheri (2)

Sheri (3)

Sheri (4)

Sheri (free)






Didn't I tell you that everyone is so talented?!

And today I have not one, but TWO freebies for you!

and in case you wanted something a little simpler:

Have a great day and don't forget to pick these kits up while they're 50% off!

Ps. Wendy is giving all 4 of these kits away to one lucky person. So leave a comment on her blog post for these kits and it could be you! She'll draw on Sunday morning so your comments need to be in by Saturday night.

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Chalane said...

THANKS so very much! Both of these papers are exquisite! You're very talented and it's fun to get a glimpse into your beautiful family's life as you share your talent and hard work with the digiscrapping world. God bless you and yours!