Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby Book - page 36

Page 36

This is Justin being held by some very important people in his life.
Top Left is Kevin's Dad.
Top Right is Kevin's Mom.
Center is my Grandma (Dad's side).
Bottom Left is my Grandpa (Dad's side).
Bottom Right is my Grandma (Mom's Side).
(yes, they're technically great-grandparents ... )
I wanted to highlight these photos since we don't have many pictures of them. The only person still alive that is missing is Kevin's Grandma and I have a picture of her and Justin at Christmastime.

I used some scrap paper I had from the CTMH Heritage collection.
The letters are a bronze color with scroll work. I love them, but Joann's doesn't carry them any more. If you look closely, I didn't have enough 'Rs' so I used a 'P' and drew in the leg with a metallic marker and used liquid glass to add dimension. It's an imperfect fix, but I love these letters!


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