Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lots of Little Andrews

Bad news ... I no longer have my fabulous new DSLR camera. Less than two months after purchasing it, it was having some major issues and we had to send it away to be fixed under warranty. They told me it would take 6-8 weeks! ACK!

It's a big bummer, but I'm praying that they figure out what was wrong and send it back as good as new!

Now I can focus on scrapping all of those pictures I already have :)

Here's a double layout:
Lots and lots of little Andrews :)

Pictures were taken at the park in early April, just as he was starting to walk pretty well. See his little stance and waddle :) I love it! I threw in some adorable ones of Justin and Samantha from the same day.

I know it's a bit odd, but I like it and I tried to keep the sizes in a consistent perspective (except I know that the ones of Justin and Samantha should be switched).

So, do you like it?



Lisa said...

Ya I think I like it. Your right it is a little odd. I'm not into digital scrapbooking, but YAY!!good for you for making a project you like. :)

Helen Tilbury said...

I love whimsical projects & often cut around photos for my paper scrapping ones. Nothing odd about it at all - just cool! What has happened to you at LSOS - have you resigned?

Stephanie said...

i LOVE all the little Andrews .. he's so super cute.. what a fun page!! :)

with a grin,

Mybutterflykisses12 said...

Wow, this is too cool! I love all the 'lil Andrews! hehe! :-) BTW, I'm Arlene... probably one of the newest GGS members. :-) Awesome job on Marion's website by the way... it's way awesome! :-)

laura vegas said...

it's definatley a different type of layout. but i really like it ... cute and whimsical!