Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Three Crazy Sisters and Me

Are you ready for another Sisters layout? Well, here you go :)

The title says 'My Three Crazy Sisters and Me' but most people who see it ignore the smaller type and go, "But, there's four of you?!..." Maybe I should change it to just, 'Four Crazy Sisters,' because we're all a bit crazy :)

I used:
Paper and Elements from Kitty Designs The Garden Poetry
Block Alpha from Kitty Designs
Colorful Alpha (crazy) from Createwings Designs

I hope you like it!



craftstash said...

haha! i love those funny faces! you did a great job!

Helen Tilbury said...

That's such a fun layout...how did you all turn out so gorgeous???!!! Your mamma must be very proud of the lot of you!!!