Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Change of pace ... GGS trade album (August)!

I went a bit old-school for my August Girls Gone Scrappy Trade Album.

My trade partner, Kathy, has a very ecclectic style, so I didn't know if she would like this simple one, but she did. I must admit, the hanging scrapbook is a cool idea :)

This is a hanging scrapbook. You can check out my gallery to see some other awesome ones I've done :) I think it's a rather cool idea and there a lot of different ways to implement it. This time I cut my own pages out of chipboard, punched the holes and connected them with book rings. I also tried to create the pages before attaching them to the chipboard ... it's a bit different than other times, but I did it because of the metal accents (brads punching through the background paper). We'll see if it works out better or worse.

I apologize for the sideways pictures. I didn't notice until just now and I don't want to have to change them all and re-upload them ... so just tilt your head to the left and imagine ...


So, I used some very old Plum Mist patterned paper from Close to my Heart, some metal words from Making Memories, misc. ribbon and other metal accents (mostly from CTMH).

Page 1 & 2:
Flip open the first page and you get two photo mats and the one on page 2 hinges open for space for more pictures.

Page 3 & 4:

Page 4 has a tri-fold mat that folds and opens out for room on both sides.

Page 5 & 6:
Page 5 has tags behind and in front of the photo mat.

Page 6 has a fold out held closed by photo turns.

Pages 7 & 8:

Page 7 has a tag. And because the page is longer, the tag is, too :)

Page 8 has a fold open page held closed with a photo turn.

Pages 9 & 10:

Page 9 hinges to turn up (or down) with a tag behind the hidden space. Triple layers :)

Page 10 has a pocket and tag.

Pages 11 & 12:

Page 11 has a tag and a fold-open page.

Pages 13 & 14:

Page 13 is triple layered again, but not quite as hidden with two tags and a pocket.

Page 14 (and the end) has a fold out page.

That concludes my purple hanging scrapbook.
I hope you like it!


Helen said...

wow .. that looks great Jessica!

Jacqueline said...

This is amazing - would love to adapt this to use Digital Pages!
Beautifully done