Sunday, February 21, 2010

52 Inspirations

I tried to do the 365 thing last year. It's a really cool idea where you take a picture every day and all compiled, they tell the story of your life. You can work on your photography and take pictures of things you normally wouldn't ... and it's a great idea.

I would say that I took at least one picture for about 355 days last year and I ended up with thousands upon thousands of photos. I believe my biggest month had over 9,000 ... wow.

However, I did not do a good job beyond that. I did choose some photos for every day. And I did print some of them out. I journaled sporadically and probably less than half the year done. So ... now my goal (and it's almost March) is to finish last year's 365 project. I feel very sad about this ...

I knew right away that I would continue with this project for 2010. Yes, I do want to take pictures of my life and tell the stories of our life for my children ... but I need a break and to catch up with my HUGE to do list.
But, I do need inspiration and I do need the push to get things done. So, I've subscribed to the 52 Inspirations at Oscraps. They have at least one mini-kit a week and I think I can handle that - at least one layout a week :) I've found it challenging because the themes or colors aren't always what I was thinking ... I'm still debating if I should find a picture from last year or earlier in the year for every week or if I should see the new theme and take a new picture for that theme ... we'll see :)
Anyway ...
Here's my first Inspired layout - from the Week 2 kit by Sue Cummings.
I made it simple and then expanded ... here's my second version with extra word art:
I like it because it ties in the pink from Samantha's dress.
The 52 Inspirations is a very cool idea. You sign up once and pay a small price, and get over 52 separate mini-kits with many extras! You just come back every week to see what has been added! You could also buy them individually. If you paid for each one individually, you'd pay well over 20 times the original price. I highly recommend it - you never know what gems you'll find and we all need to be inspired!
I hope you like it!


The Vexing Vixen said...

I like the second design. Very creative. I wonder where you got the text on the side from?

Rogue Woman said...

I love the idea of taking a photo everyday of your life. Something that is visually interesting and hones a skill. I have been attempting to get better at photography, maybe I will try the 365 in 2011! Thanks!