Saturday, December 8, 2007

December Craft Fair

Well, my church had it's second annual craft fair on December 1st.

Last year, I had a broad assortment of items ... hat box dolls, scrapbook albums, journals, hanging scrapbooks, paper bag albums, squash books, picture frames, etc.

This year, due mostly to limited time constraints, the only new thing I made was a bunch of paper ornaments. I bought a kit from K&Co. where you punch out the die cut patterned pieces and assemble and decorate them yourself. It was a lot harder than I thought! I only finished 30, but I sold 28 :)

Here's our table. I shared with my sister, who made the bows and the wreaths. She's an extremely talented florist!

My youngest sister is sitting behind the table. She very graciously agreed to keep me company that day :)

Here are the ornaments:

I didn't get any better pictures. Now I wish I had, but at the time, I was had had enough of the whole thing and just wanted to get it over with :)

And this is my sisters and myself:

Altered to protect the innocent :) Plus, we look better if you can't tell what a long day it was :)

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