Monday, November 21, 2011

Two Girls

My daughter is such a love. A motherly love. She tries to boss around her brothers, but also take care of them. She wants to help out with everything and above all, she's incredibly sensitive and loving. She wants everybody to be happy!

Here she is with the one-year-old daughter of one of my friends:
The journaling reads: Samantha and Paityn. Two beautiful girls with a very special relationship. Samantha is such a loving and motherly girl. She always has beeen. She tries to take care of every one who is smaller than her. Her younger brother has managed to get used to it, but little Baby Paityn hasn't. The older and more active that Paityn becomes, the more Samantha wants to play with her. She will bring her toys and books to play with. She touches her and is very affectionate. She treats a one-year old like a tiny baby and like a girl who much older and more active. She wants her to crawl and walk and talk and is so happy and almost proud when she does. She holds on to her hands and tries to help her. She'll pick her up and carry her. The last part makes me rather nervous. I think it makes me more nervous than Alyson (Paityn's mom). Nothing has happened but I just remember all of the man-handling attempts Samantha had when Andrew was that age (they were both over 2 years younger). Yet, I am still proud of my daughter for her big heart.

I could have written it better (and might go back and edit), but I love these little moments and I really am proud of my darling daughter!

I used A+Designs' kit, Touch of Fall, and a template from Kitty Designs.

I hope you like it!


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Alyson said...

I <3 this!! I definitely need these pics!