Friday, March 22, 2013

A Plethora of Layouts

In between CT layouts for Wendy Tunison, DaniMoy Designs and A+ Designs, I occasionally get some other layouts done ... here are a few from the past few months:
I made this one for an Anna Lift over at Oscraps.  I loved these cute pics of the kids on the couch.  They were not cooperating for what I wanted to take the photo for, but I still like them :)
I used Anna Aspnes Artpalette Siblings
Oscraps celebrated 7 years in March and so I scrapped my January pictures of Samantha's birthday.  I've been at Oscraps just over 4 years now.  It's how I started digi scrapping and it's my home now :)
The template was from Timounette for the Day 2 Challenge and the kit is the freebie they gave away in pieces throughout the week.  It was Awesome with a capital A. I wish I had more time to play! (I'm not quite sure if I like the overlay of the seven over Samantha's face ... but it was meant to be artsy, so I left it ...)
This was part of a challenge in February.  I had already started scrapping using some photos from our 2011 trip to Cape Cod and decided to finish the sentiment of our trip to Quisset Harbor.  Kevin's grandparents lived in Cape Cod almost their whole lives and that's where his mother grew up.  There's a memorial bench at Quisset Harbor for his grandfather, Henry Parker.  We took the kids there and they climbed all over it.  It was nice to share that with them and also to go hiking all over the area.  Beautiful area.
Template from Maya deGroot from her challenge.
He Is Risen kit and Page Fold template from Kitty Designs
Glitter sparkle from Fei Fei Stuffs
This is the beach that we hiked to from the harbor.  It was a lovely secluded spot but very rocky.  The kids had a great time.  I made this for the Anna Lift in February with a super saturation element mixed with the black and white ... it didn't turn out the way I had thought it would (wrong picture really) but it's pretty cool.
This is my second attempt at the Anna Lift and it was much more like what I was thinking.  Pure black and white except for the boat which is super saturated.  I blended a blue paper in the background and used Anna Aspnes Concerto in the background. 

This is a layout I did for fun the day that I took this picture.  The kids' cousins were over on a snowy day and had so much fun sledding down our hill.  I was inspired by Danielle Young's template and Sweet Candy kit.  It's just so much like the two of them!
I made a wallpaper out of it when I was done.  LOVE IT!!! It brightens my day to turn on my computer and see it!
I really do have a backlog of layouts to show you ... but that should do for now ...  :)

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