Saturday, April 11, 2009

Accordian Album - Mother's Gift

I thought I had showed you the other one of these accordian albums ... but I can't find a post about it, so I must not have. Oh, joy! Now I can treat you with a double post :)

I created two of these albums. One for my mom and one for my mother-in-law. I gave one to Kevin's mom last Mother's Day. I wanted to give my mom hers at the same time but I had to rely on some things for other people and ... well, they delayed me. So, a month of so after Mother's Day, things for the wedding got in to full swing and I put off the project until now - my mom's birthday!

I got everybody involved to finish their part and we gave it to her with a slightly off-tune version of the Happy Birthday song.

This was CTMH workshop project that my friend, Moniqua, did. I made two. Amazingly enough, I finished everything for my mom's (the one you see above) that night. I had to - Moniqua had the stamps!

It uses CTMH paper, brads, ink, stamps and ribbon. The base is a 12x12 Tru-fit Folio - basically, a 12x12 file folder. It's folded in half to be 6" x 24" and then scored and folded. Glue it closed so that it has pockets and you have this awesome little display!
I obviously put a picture of all of my mom's children and her grandchildren (Andrew hadn't been born at the time) and each one was supposed to write a heartfelt message on their tag ... well, I did mine and had the kids scribble on theirs. One of my sisters finished theirs right away and then I mailed the paper to my brother in Texas and he mailed it back ... so we were just waiting for two others ... and we waited ... and we waited ... and that's primarily the reason why we're giving it to her for her birthday in April 2009 instead of for Mother's Day 2008.


This next one was for my mother-in-law. I used pictures of my kids.

It was harder to put together in terms of inspiration, but once I found a few stickers with great children quotes ... it went a lot faster.

So, that's it. I really liked the way this project turned out! Both mothers really enjoyed it!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I can give you a supply list and instructions if you want ...

I hope you like it!



Helen Tilbury said...

Hi Jessica
I love them!
You are cleverer than you think...
Sorry you were let down by family -
story of my life...Helen X
BTW I have something for you on my blog ;-)

Sandra said...

Hi Jessica

Just catching up on your blog and OMG you have been busy!

The accordian book is absolutely stunning. What grandparent wouldn't love something as special as this.