Sunday, April 26, 2009

Samantha - Be Yourself!

When Amanda Taylor was in the spotlight at Oscraps, one of her challenges was to use her freebie wordart and do a lot of journaling using the prompt ... here's the first one I did.

The journaling reads:
Samantha, you are so independent! You are very, very unique. You do try hard to make other people happy and be pleasing, but you are still your own person. You play with your brother, you love his toys, but you love your own stuff as well. You love your dolls and ponies and playing house. You love dressing up and taking care of your pretend babies as well as your real life ones. You love your friends - your aunts and Danielle. You like to look pretty and dress up so that you look beautiful. But, you still like to play in the dirt and pick up rocks and get into everything no matter what the consequences. You are so curious! You want to know how everything works. You love being with people, but you can play by yourself just as easily. You are energetic and bubbly. You are so full of life! You are athletic and daring. You love games. You love fun. You love cuddling. But, above all else, you are full of love - God's love just shines through you. You are so loving and caring to everyone and it just warms my heart to see you interact with other people. You are such a dear and I LOVE YOU!

I wanted to go back and edit it a bit, but my computer froze and corrupted the file ... so it is what it is unless I create it from scratch.

Everything is from either the Mere Modesty or spotlight kits by Taylor Made Designs at Oscraps.

I hope you like it!!!



Sandra said...

Aw Jessica, she sounds just adorable!

Love the LO too.

Helen Tilbury said...

I love that should go into detail more often ;-D