Sunday, May 3, 2009

Andrew - I adore you

I really love this layout. I love the colors. I love the feel. I just love it :)

The pictures are of Andrew on the bed in our Boston hotel room - circa March 2009.

The journaling reads:
Andrew, my son, you are so cute!
I love the way you scrunch up your nose to laugh.
I love the way you squeal for me and to get your way.
I love the way you smirk when you get what you wanted.
I love the way you ambitiously try to follow your siblings.
I love the way you toddle around.
I love the way cuddle and snuggle into me.
I love the way you talk - well, babble - with confidence.
I love the way you high-five.
I love the way you make faces and sigh in your sleep.
I love the way you always pull your socks off.
I love the way you crawl so fast and get into everything.
I love how you laugh and squirm when I tickle you.
I love how easy going you are.
I love how you love everybody and bless so many by being you.

I used paper from the Photogenic kit by Paislee Press and Audrey Neal.
The stamp, word art, and stitches are from Taylor Made Designs.
The frames are from Paislee Press Viewfinder Frames.
Font is CK_Ali's_Handwriting.

I hope you like it!



Sandra said...

Aw, he is just the sweetest wee boy, Jessica.

How old is he at the moment?

Stefanie said...

A beautiful LO.
Sigh - I can't believe my son was so little and now he is 16 and 6"3 looking down at me.