Friday, May 1, 2009

April Showers ...

Well, April is over ... but it's still raining :)

In honor of the dreary day outside, I'm going to post my two rainy day layouts ... yes, TWO!

I created these shortly after my birthday, when my mom gave me and UMBRELLA! Practical mommy of mine and her practical gifts. You want to know what else I got on my 27th birthday? Sheets. White sheets. Practical mommy of mine ... but I love her!

I kind of went wild with it, but wat else was I supposed to do with this photo? I say go where the inspiration takes you ... and this was it.

I used a million (light exaggeration) re-colored brush strokes from Fei Fei's Stuff, a Kim Desmet splash and Taylor Made Designs word art, wheat spray, stitches and heart.


Now the kids absolutely LOVED the umbrella.

Obviously, I've been spending some time at Oscraps lately ... I do design for one of the designers ... and I have noticed a more cartoony, artsy, fantastical style that I admire. I haven't quite figured it out, but this was my first attempt. Somewhat of a fantasy, but not completely.

The title was a freebie from the Oscraps Birthday Bash from Createwings Designs, but everything else is from Kitty Chen's Simple Faith or Dino Dig kit.

I hope you like them!



Sandra said...

Wow, they are so, so colourful, Jessica! Love them!

The first one is my absolute favourite of the two.

Vicki said...

What fun layouts and very cute too.

Mickey said...

Due to practical mum you have awsome layouts! I love them,
Hope the weather will be better for you in may.