Monday, May 4, 2009

Hybrid Mother's Day cards

I'm all set for Mother's Day! Thanks to Danielle Young over at Oscraps :)

She has a lovely new kit, Muffins for Mom:
Looking forward to using that ... but the cool thing is that not only is it on sale for 42% off right now, you get this wonderful card kit for FREE when you purchase the page kit!

These cards are an awesome idea for Mother's Day!!!

Since I'm a photo person ... and my family has come to expect that of me ... the only one that really fits for me is the one with a frame. So, I made the same card for all of my important Mother's Day recipients.

Here's the one for Kevin's mother:

The picture is when they were down from Maine - visiting for a few days because of Andrew's Baby Dedication.

This one is for my Mom and my Grandma:
This picture was taken on Easter Sunday.

I could just send the 4x6 files to a photo shop ... but I'm going to test out our new photo printer!

So, if you're looking for a unique gift for Mom ... give this a try!


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danielle young said...

these turned out great!!