Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Craft Fair!

My sister, her friend and I collaborated for a local Craft Fair this past weekend. They really wanted to do the fair and they called in the big guns - me! Actually, I think they just wanted somebody who had done this fair before :) This is the largest craft fair I've been to in the area and it has hundreds of crafters there.

I decided to go with the framed Scripture digital art. It's less time-consuming to make. I made 19 new pieces and brought my current inventory up to 28.

Here's what my table looked like:

Once again, 99% of the digital graphics were photographs that were taken by me, layered and/or altered and printed out. Then I added dimensional letters for emphasis on one word and put them in frames.

And here is my sister's awesome jewelery:

Unfortunately, this craft fair was not much of a success. We heard all around us that nobody was having a good day in sales. It was really disappointing. It's always hard when it seems like nobody likes your stuff. When you create something, you put a little bit of yourself in to it and it becomes very personal.

But, we hung out and had a good time and there's always next time!

On a side note, if you see a framed art piece that you would like to own or a graphic that you would like to use, just let me know and we can arrange a way to get it to you!

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