Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Kit! Blessed Blooms

Danielle Young just put out a wonderful new kit! It's called Blessed Blooms:
This kit is being featured at The Daily Scrapper and is only available there now ... but it'll be coming soon to Oscraps (I hope).
Here's a layout I did using it:
I'm living the Blessed and Happy Life :)
I hope you like it!!!
Have you been doing the Ali Edwards' Week in the Life? It's a completely inspirational idea! I am planning to do it this coming week ... it looks like our schedule will be a little weird anyway, but that's an accurate representation of our life - something new is always thrown in to the works.
I haven't decided whether or not to do a digital or paper album. I'd probably get it done faster and be more likely to do it if I did the digital one ... but I am so in love with paper and I just want to do it!!! However, I am leaning towards digital just for the convenience of it all ... we have a very big month including a Mother's Day project and perhaps I shouldn't try to do too much ...
Anyway ... I hope you like this new kit and my layout and I hope you have had a fabulous week!


RuEL said...

hi,,, like your blogs.... may i know where did you get your theme... mine is quite boring,,, hehehe! thanks!

RuEL said...

please thank you!