Saturday, January 24, 2009

Design Team Member!

Exciting news!

Tanya, from Little Shop of Sketches and Stampin' Scrap, has asked me to be on their design team for the next six months. I will do a layout (mostly digital) every two weeks based on the sketch that she has come up with.
I am very excited about this opportunity. Of course, it's always wonderful to have someone admire your work. However, I'm looking forward to the push it will give me to create more often. No matter what is going on in my life and how busy I may or may not be, I will have a layout done every two weeks!

I first found their wonderful sketches when I participated in a challenge at Journaling Junkie. You may remember, but this is the layout I created:
based on this sketch:I was subsequently invited to apply for the design team spot. As part of that process, I created two more layouts based on sketches. I can finally share them with you:

based on this sketch:
All of the digital elements are from Rhonna Farrer's Magic Rainbows Free Kit for 2ps.

based on this sketch:I created my own digital elements by coloring graphic texture stock photos ( and using the Dingbat font, Flakey. Pretty simple, but I like it :)

I like how I broke out of the box for each of these layouts. They were for submission, so I did things a little bit differently. I used brighter colors than I normally do :) That's another great thing about digital - if you don't like the color, you can just change it. One of my biggest hangups in paper scrapbooking is wanting it to be perfect. Before I cut the paper I want to make sure that it's what I want! Now I can experiment without worrying about ruining supplies or doing something irreversable.

I really like sketches. They help get you going. I often create my own sketches, but sometimes it's nice to just have somebody else do the work for you :) Oh, and I often use one as inspiration and change it around to do what I want to do. You don't always have to do exactly what the sketch says to do ... I always want it to reflect a little bit of me.

I'm already working on the next layout. And of course, since it's a February layout, it'll be about my honey :) It needs to be turned in on February 3rd - so you can see it then!!!


Stampin' Scraps is a scrapbook supply shop and also has a gallery and a forum. Check it out!

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