Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hornung ABCs - 'A'

I'm taking part in a project where you do at least one letter a month (over at Stampin' Scraps). I thought about what word to use for 'a' for a while. I pondered and pondered. If I was seriously going to do 26 layouts, what would I want to do? I thought about the kids ... but all three kids, evenly dividing between the three, one for each kid? I thought about finding all the 'a' words .. but what if I forgot one? I hate doing comprehensive lists because I'll inevitably forget something.

But, as we were eating dinner tonight and I started eating our appetizer of sliced apples and cheese (fancy), I literally thought, "Apples start with A." Deep, right? So, I pondered it over during dinner and decided to do it. Why not do 26 layouts about things that our family likes. Sure, it won't cover everything and it won't be incredibly deep, but it will be fun. I threw this together in a few hours and it gives me practice. And yes, I know the photo of the apples isn't the best. I took it tonight and this is what I got. I could have found a gorgeous, artistic photo of apples online, but this has meaning because those are our apples and I took the picture.


Paper is from Emily Powers at WeAreStoryTellers.com (background - setsoflinespapers4) and Kathryn Wilson at WeAreStoryTellers.com (masked red accents - InkCollectionPolkas_red); green clip, red photo frame, green label holder, and title alphas are from the WaitingToHappen kit by Monica Guerra Leiria at mgl Scraps; Ribbon and Bow is from Michelle Coleman. Fonts are Adler and AnotherTypewriter.
I think that's it. I'm getting better at this :)


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Vicki said...

And why not apples?? LOL. What a great idea to do the ABC of what your family likes.