Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hard Drive Backup

You want to know what I spent all my free time doing yesterday? Backing up files. Fun. And I didn't even finish! Barely put a dent in it!

First of all, I heard the dreaded click of death from our external hard drive while we were up in Maine. Ack! I had *foolishly* deleted a lot of files from my laptop to try and free up disk space because I *foolishly* thought that I had them safe on the external hard drive. I *foolishly* hadn't backed up to a second place in over a year. AAAAHHHH! So, we bought another backup hard drive and after backing up on to that ... I'm working on backing up on to CDs as well. That takes much longer because CDs only hold 700MB. My 60 GB laptop has less than 1GB left, so I need to make room!

So ... I even forgot to take a 365 picture yesterday. *slaps hand* I'll have to take two today :)



molly said...

Oh I am WELL overdue for a back up, i am so bad at remembering that! Good for you :)
Love all your scrap pages, beautiful!

Helen Tilbury said...

Yes I have that dreaded job to do now 'cos my Picasa space is full. You do know I'm sure that DVDs hold about 5 times as much space?

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