Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bridal Shower Favors

I had come across this post about making your own bags. I thought it was a marvelous idea and experimented with it a bit before the shower came about.

We had discussed a lot of things about the favors we'd like to give, but it almost always came down to lotions or something like that ... so we found a large bottle of liquid hand soap for a good price and decided to go with it. We could have just wrapped some ribbon around the pump handle and handed them out, but I thought of the gift bags and how we could stamp them to match our invitations ... and we went with it. About half-way through I realized I was crazy and we had undertaken a huge project, but we persevered and I think the end result was worth it. I hope the people in attendance appreciated the HOURS we spent slaving over these!

First, the dimensions from the original design needed to be modified to fit the tall and narrow liquid soap containers. These bags were made with one piece of 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock. I scored the 11" side at 1" for the inside flap and then made the sides 2.5" for a square bag. The bottom flap (scored on the 8 1/2" side was approx. 1.5")

After scoring and folding the paper, we stamped the outside and the top of the inside (visible when looking in the bag) with the CTMH Friendship Blessing flowers that we used for the invitiations. We used coordinating colors.

After the bags were stamped, we put silver eyelets in for the ribbons and assembled the bags using strong adhesive.

We stamped tags and put a matted mini photo of the happy couple with their names and the year on it.

Coordinating ribbon (from Walmart) was cut and attached, soaps and tissue papers inserted and we were done!

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