Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bridal Shower Thank you Cards

No, I'm not much of a card maker. I wouldn't mind being better at it, but it takes such time and patience! I rarely put aside enough time to make one properly and I don't like to make them in advance because I want them to be personal ...

But, I made time for my sister. I thought it would be really cool for her to have thank you notes that coordinated with her shower.

If you were at the shower, you can look forward to getting one of these in the mail :)

So, I sat down while still in major stamping mode (did you read how much stamping I'd done at this point?) and came up with four or five designs. I showed them to Beth and asked her which one she liked best (rather on the sly because she didn't know how we were doing the shower). She picked this one.

So, I bought a few packages of white cards and envelopes from Walmart and stamped away! I made it a bit easier by following a pattern. Instead of cleaning the stamp for every color for every card, I'd stamp all the big yellow flowers (one on each card) and then move on to the next color for big flowers and then do the medium flowers on all the cards and then the smaller flowers and so on.

For all three flower stamps used, I went from yellow, to green to pink to purple to turquoise in order to minimize bleeding darker ink onto a lighter color stamp pad. Even if you clean the stamp between colors (which I did) there was often just enough to cause a problem if you went from purple to yellow. Also, when you're doing this much, you don't feel like double cleaning and drying each stamp each time ...

I matted the center sentiment in three different colors. This isn't a very complicated card style. The stamping is what makes it time intensive.

I toyed with the idea of doing a fancier sentiment. I experimented with glue stamp pads and glitter. It looked pretty, but the glitter continued to shed no matter what and the glitter particles stuck on everything! I don't know if it always does that. Does anyone have tips to make a clean glitter stamp? Also, the glitter colors (I tried three shades of pink and two of purple) didn't match at all. Even if they looked good in the jar, once they were on the stamped image, they didn't go with the card. So ... I gave up on that idea.

I also stamped the envelopes with a little spray of flowers - one in every color (except green because I did a green leaf).

I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also stamped Beth's name on the inside of the card and accented it with different color small flowers. It added a nice personal touch.

CTMH inks: Bubblegum, Hydrangea, Ocean, Citrus Leaf, and Sunny Yellow. CTMH acrylic stamps: Friendship Blessings.

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