Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My sister is now married to the man of her dreams. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Beth chose a fantastic location, the flowers were so beautiful and the attitude was elegant, yet relaxed. Those two really love each other and their friends couldn't be happier for them!

Here is a wallpaper I created for my laptop (click to enlarge):
It's also a way to display more pictures here on my blog :) If you don't know, that's my family. From Left to Right: my youngest sister, my brother, my son, my mom, my dad, my sister (the bride), my new brother-in-law, my daughter, myself, my son, my hubby, my sister.

Imagine the family gatherings when everybody is married with children ... we'll have to rent a hall!

So, now the wedding is over and maybe things will settle down ... or not. We're gearing up for the holidays!

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Naenee said...

Everyone looks Wonderful!What a special day.