Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bridal Shower Photo Booklets

This is where the limit of 5 photos could hurt me ...

Please refer to previous posts about the Bridal Shower to confirm that we were going with a bright theme.

My friend, Moniqua (who's also my CTMH consultant), showed me this booklet and I loved it! So, I asked her for instructions (which she generously provided) and I set about making some. I made one as a gift before thinking that by stamping my own patterned paper, I could make coordinating ones for the bridal shower. I gave one to Beth, each of the bridesmaids, our hostess, my mom, my Grandma, my aunt, Beth's future mother-in-law and Beth's future sister-in-law (they helped with the dessert). I filled many with photos after the event before giving them out.

No two are the same!

Here is one I chose to highlight - the multi-colored stamping with green background.
This is the front with the ribbon tied:

Here is the outside cover of the entire booklet (notice that for the back I stamped directly onto the cardstock base and not on a separate piece of paper):

Here is the inside after opening the cover flap:

Here is the inside after flipping over the first page (on green cardstock base):

For this one, I stamped on a white sheet of paper and wrapped ribbon around it. On some of them, I stamped directly onto the shite cardstock background piece.

Each booklet needed 12 pieces of cardstock (various sizes) cut and stamped and 8 pieces of colored cardstock cut to size. The ones with muliple colors took much more time to stamp, but I think they look fabulous!

As you can see, they look pretty without any photos at all! Believe me, it was hard to cover up such pretty paper with photos!

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