Monday, March 23, 2009

Oscraps Challenge - Saturday

I didn't do the Friday challenge. *gasp* You want to know why? Because it was to scrap about your perfect day with at least half of the page being journaling. I don't really know what my perfect day would be ... I have so many conflicting thoughts about what would be a nice day ... let alone perfect! So, it was a little daunting and I just never got around to it.

However, I did do the Saturday challenge. Here it is:
You can check out the challenge here.
The challenge was to color correct your photos so that they 'popped'. Well, they had a very lovely tutorial, but it was for Photo Shop or PS Elements, and I wasn't able to do half of what they said ... however, I did play around with the color, the hue, the saturation, the contrast, etc and this is what I've got. At least the roses pop.

I also tried to tie it in to a challenge that Tanya had over at Stampin' Scrap. You had to use only black, white and pink as well as some bling ... I think I succeeded :)

I used the Spring Breeze kit by Danielle Young available April 1st
pink stripe alpha (blog hung freebie) by Danielle Young
Black diamond paper and word art #1 from the Saturday kit download from lbeck
Bling from the Spunky Sparkle kit by Sweet Genevieve
Bling and black background graphic spray from the Oscraps XOXO collab kit
Think that's it ...

I hope you like it!



Monique said...

Wonderful again!! and how smart you are, doing two challenges with one layout!! good for you!
I really love your work!

Helen Tilbury said...

I LOVE it! It is so pretty...what do you use to do your photo editing? Thought you had to have Photoshop in order to do digital scrapbooking? Sorry I have been outta touch - you have not been outta mind ;-)