Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oscraps Challenge - Sunday

And last, but not least, is my layout for the Sunday challenge:

I made two versions. Naomi (my sister in the middle) like the darker one better:
I really wish our other sister could have been in the picture ... but I will not live in the past! We'll get plenty of pictures of her in the future! (Reminder to self ... scrap more about my family - especially sister who seems to always be in the background ...)

The was to scraplift one of Vicki Stegall's layouts. Fun :) I chose her Feeling Blue layout because I've been admiring the look of pictures incorporated into the background ... it also brings back memories of when I did that a lot ...

For this layout, I used my kfrederick bloghunt freebie group frame - but I had to change it. I changed the large vertical focal frame to horizontal by dividing the image into three groups - the large frame, the one above it and the two below it - and rotating the large one. I also changed the color from brown to purple by adjusting the saturation and hue.
* The background, and flowers (some are manually faded and color-changed) are from the Peaches and Regalias kit by TaylorMade Designs.
* The snapshots word art and silver photo corner is from the Photogenic kit by PaisleePress and Audrey Neal.
* The pink glitter butterfly is from the In Retrospect kit by TaylorMadeDesigns and FeiFeiStuff
* The capture word art is a bloghunt freebie from ...

Kind of wish I had a brilliant caption or word or phrase or journaling for this fun memory ... but I don't. So, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. I love my sisters (and Abby, I love you, too!)

I hope you like it!



Vicki said...

That is just so cool Jessica - must admit I like the dark one better too.

Sandra said...

The are both very cool. I do like the darker one best though.

Jessica, your family is filled with such beautiful looking women.

You all look like top models.

Monique said...

What a super wonderful layout!!!! I don't know which one I like best, I like them both!! And you just reminded me, I haven't scrapped one page of my sister and myself.... that's my goal for one of the next pages!! (but first I have to take the photo....)

Helen Tilbury said...

I much prefer the lighter one to be honest - it is soooooooooooooooo are all so beautiful in that photo (& in real life too I'm sure ;-)) but you sure do look good there. I wish I had such flattering photos of myself (& some sisters to scrap...) Thanks for all your techno help. Will e mail you soon re" your blog questions. Look at my blog & you can pinch one of my gadgets from my sidebar (My sitemeter) it sends weekly stats of exactly how many hits, pages read, ect, weekly & all for free...very insightful ;-)

topkatnz said...

Agreeing with all the comments Jessica ... I too prefer the darker one. Aren't you guys all similar to look at ... gorgeous that is!!LOL

Stefanie said...

Wow, this is such a gorgeous layout. And what a cute pic of you and your sisters. Perhaps I should do a page about me and my sisters (I have 4, and 2 brothers as well).... great idea!!
PS: like the dark one better just because that pic is so great you want to see it properly :)
Stefanie (The Netherlands - not the one from South Africa :):))