Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oscraps Challenge - Thursday Chat

This is my entry for the Oscraps Thursday PM chat:I'm not much of a chat person ... really, I'm not. But, I decided to participate in this one. You got a freebie and I love a challenge! The challenge was a scraplift ... and this was mine. Basically, the four photos are arranged in a plus sign just like the original, but that's about it.

I really do love this layout. It's about Andrew's first lollipop - at 8 months! The kids had one from our weekly trip to the chiropractor and Samantha shared her stick with Andrew with just a bit of candy on the end. Yes, ewww, the germs ... he loved it! I was shocked at how much he enjoyed that stick! So, I snapped a few photos :) You probably don't notice, but I remember the delicate way he handled the stick and his little fingers and hands working on the dexterity to turn it upside down and get it into his mouth ... oh! I love babies! I love this baby!

I used the new Danielle Young Spring Breeze kit (available April 1st) for everything but ...
Bracket frames from Danielle Young Lucky Me kit
Paint swatch, color changed to white from Photogenic kit by Paislee Press and Audrey Neal
Isn't that alpha awesome?

I hope you like it!


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Monique said...

Oh these photos are soooo cute! makes me wish my kids were 8 months old again!! Love your layout too (of course)!