Thursday, February 19, 2009

Archiving project update

You can check out my original archiving question in THIS post.

After receiving advice and input, I was planning to just use the originals. I didn't want to worry too much and I'd always have scans (however lousy) as back-up to remember. However, they're still sitting in a stack on my desk because life got in the way and I've moved on to other things.
Then, I read about this site: that scans them in for you and it seems like a fairly reasonable price. But, it would still be over $50 USD - probably more like $100 ... do you think it's worth it?

I really do hope to start soon, but I've got my travel album to finish for my anniversary (March 23rd), two mini-books for wedding gifts, one for the mini-album swap, two cards, my kids' baby albums, an gift for my parents' 50th (March 10th) ... the list goes on and on of the things I want to accomplish.


laura vegas said...

that actually doesn't sound like too bad a deal. it's still a little pricey ... but then again, photos are priceless!

Stefanie said...

Don't know pricing structures in the US, but can't you get a new better scanner for less? then you could do it yourself and still have the scanner to scan school papers, artwork, memorabilia to use digitally too. Just a thought.

Helen Tilbury said...

Stefanie's idea is not bad. I am getting a scanner for my birthday. A lovely Canon one & it is R1300 here, which is R130 USD. There it would probably be cheaper. I would just use the originals though, if you can't afford scanning/a scanner, 'cos what will you do with them otherwise? Plus, there is something more authentic about it ;-)

Mette Thomas said...

Personally i would use the originals. what would you do with them if you dont?? I just think its doubling up if you get them scanned and gees a lot of work no matter which way you do it.

Maybe just scan some of the worst ones and leave the rest, i always use my originals as i want to preserve them anyway so why not use them. I have never scanned photos as I just dont see the point when i have the originals.

Not sure if that will help you at all LOL

Mette x