Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines - kid style

I told you I'd post about this year's valentines. The kids and I made something for their friends and family. I wish we could make one for everybody, but I limited it to 8.

First, I printed out a photo that I took of all three kids intentionally coordinating in red. The photo shoot was a chaotic mess, but I got a good enough photo.
While we were at Walmart getting the prints, we picked up magnetic photo frames and a package of foam glitter stickers.

Then, we had a great time sticking the shapes on the frames (making sure to NOT cover the faces). I helped a little an tried to give some design guidance, but the kids had some pretty independent ideas of what they wanted and that was fine with me. They were the ones making them and I was quality control.

The final results are on our fridge waiting to be mailed or taken to church. I think they're cute! Can you tell which one I did?
I hope you enjoy!



laura vegas said...

those are so cute! what a great, simple idea for kids to put together. i would be in there yelling out my opinions on the creative process ... i always feel bad when i do that. lol!

Helen Tilbury said...

Those stickers look really cute. Reckon yours is the one with the read hearts in a straight line - classy! Kids had fun anyway, which is what's important. Your creating good memories. Yes, I would like to make a print for myself, thanks for your advice, will go back & read it & see if I can make some headway;-)