Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas 2007 Layout

The gals over at Stampin' Scrap had an online class. I wasn't able to participate because of the HUGE time difference (it would have started at 2AM my time). But, I did get the instructions and did it by myself this afternoon. It was rather odd doing a scrapbook layout while the men were banging in the other room and the kids were playing all over the house. I had to pause numerous times to be a mommy.

But, this is my end creation and I'm happy with it. There are a lot more flowers than I had originally planned ... but I couldn't stop!

It's a bit different from the instructions. I had to work with what I had ...
Also, please forgive the half dried glitter glue. I was eager to take the picture before we lost daylight.

The supply list is pretty long, so let me know if you want to know what something is.

I hope you like it!



Vicki said...

Love it Jessica - shame about the time difference though and for the chat side of things. Mines a Christmas one too but have yet to finish it.

Monique said...

What a fabulous layout you've made!!! I was about to leave you a note telling you what a shame it was that you couldn't participate, but didn't expect to find a finished layout from the online class! LOL! Hope you'll be there next time...if they organise the next class in the morning, that will be our evening and your afternoon, that way we can all play!! Let's ask Tanya!
Have a nice day Jessica!!

Helen Tilbury said...

If they do the class in the morning it will be the middle of the night here - can't win! Can see you are going mad for flowers at the mo! Lovely layout tho' & you can never have too many ;-)

Kelly said...

It's lovely Jessica. It's interesting to see how many people have different interpretations of the class!

Sandra said...

Aw let's see if this works since I got one through yesterday eventually (took about 5 goes though. Kept getting a message saying my a/c was invalid, which it isn't)

Anyway, very funky!