Monday, February 16, 2009

the Story of Us book

I hope you all had a very good Valentine's Day!

We have had a very big weekend. It's President's Day weekend here in the US, so my hubby has Monday (today) off. He wanted to do another household project. We started on Friday night by clearing out our 24'x6' front room, stripping the floor, and painting the walls. Now hubby dearest and my brother-in-law are installing a new hardwood floor. Our whole downstairs has double furniture and tons of clutter ... what fun.

Needless to say, the creative mood has been dampened ... but not completely!

I decided I was going to attempt a new project for V-day. I had a ton of ideas going through my head ... but ended up going with a digital project which I was going to print out and make into a mini-album. I've been having problems with my graphics program and it keeps crashing, but I was saving my work like a fiend ... until the file became corrupted - twice. Who knows why, but I lost everything! Believe me, I was not happy.

With no time to spare, I whipped up what I could *again* and had it printed out. I decided to try and have it printed in color on cardstock at my local Staples instead of printed out on photo paper at my local Walmart. They're 5x7" graphics. I could fit two on a page - so five pages for $6. Not bad.

Then I cut the shapes out and glued onto them on to chipboard. Punch a few holes and bind with ribbon ...

It's not perfect, but I like it.

My darling daughter wanted to help me out:

And then she took this rather unflattering picture of me:

Maybe this will inspire you to break out and do something new. I hope you like it!


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Helen Tilbury said...

Definitely! What a great idea! Love all the different shapes but want to know how you punch through chipboard? Is it not too thick or do you have a cropodile thingie? Also, how do you cut the chipboard into those fancy shapes aswell? We can't actually buy chipboard on it's own here but only in albums ready made & it's actually cheaper to buy babies' board books, but I have to keep my embellishments flat so the book still closes nicely ;-)