Sunday, February 8, 2009

Go Fish!

My latest layout is about my son's latest obsession. Pretty much all I hear all day is, "Mommy, mommy! Do you want to play Go Fish now? Do you want to play War? Do you want to play with the Crazy Eight cards?" I can't possibly play all day, but we do play much more than I'd honestly like to. But, I must say that playing has helped Samantha with her numbers. She correctly identifies the numbers on the cards and can actually play along pretty well now. We have been playing every day for over a month!

I included a lot of little photos of our various games from the past few weeks. It's a good way of getting mediocre photos scrapped. I actually like the layout a bit better without the photos (see below), but I'll end up printing out the first one for my album - the more photos the better.

I used:
Photogenic collab kit by Paislee Press and Audacious Designs from
Fonts: CK Rugged and Chopin Script

I hope you like it!



Vicki said...

Kids tend to go through these phases don't they. My lot are onto 1000 piece jigsaws and they are just so addictive. Very nice layout.

Stefanie said...

I have also played more cards this weekend than I would have liked; old maid, go fish and sevens.
Thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog.

Helen Tilbury said...

Thank goodness my kids are ole enough now to do all that with each other! I am totally played out! They do still like chess though so we play a bit of that with them & it is fun. But, everyday??? Shame - you are a good mum! Love the layout. Also prefer it without the little photos but I'm also like you in that I want to use up all the photos & they have to go somewhere!